• Dach Bayenturm mit Himmelsauge, Copyright: FMT / Bettina Flitner
    Klare Sicht auf Frauengeschichte

    Das ist das „Himmelsauge“ des FMT, zwischen den Zinnen auf dem Dach. Darunter: Über 74.000 Textdokumente und 8.000 Bilder zum Feminismus.

  • Zu Besuch im FMT: Kölner OB Henriette Reker

    Auf den Zinnen des Bayenturms – und auf dem Dach des FMT. Die OB beeindruckt: „Was für ein toller Frauenort!“

  • About the Compiled Texts on Feminist Topics

    Throughout the western world between the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s, women started to rise up against inequality. In Germany women within the left party voiced their dissatisfaction with the limited representation of female concerns. Women from different social backgrounds voiced their concerns, too. In 1968, Sigrid Rüger, a member […]

  • Looking for an internship?

    The FMT continuously engages interns for its library work and the documentation of the Women’s Liberation Movement.

  • 1. Nacht-Demo in Berlin 1977, Bildquelle: EMMA-Archhiv, ©Margarete Redl-von Peinen
    1. Nacht-Demo
    About the Visual Archive

    We are living in a visual age. Pictures often express more than words can do. The history of women is often subjected to oblivion and manipulation. The FrauenMediaTurm intends to oppose this development not only with collecting relevant texts but also with pictures.

  • ganzer Turm angestrahlt orange
    Festival Son et Lumière zur Turmeröffnung
    FMT history

    The FMT is a non-profit organisation founded by Alice Schwarzer in 1984 with an initial funding provided by Jan Philipp Reemtsma.

    On August 26th in 1994 the archive moved into the restored Bayenturm.

  • Turmfuehrung FMT Vorstand im Gewoelbe
    Turmführung im Frauenmediaturm mit Alice Schwarzer und Dombaumeisterin Barbara Schock-Werner, Köln, 26.7.2016
    Guided Tours

    You can visit the Bayenturm and the FMT archive – from the medieval base upwards to the rebuilt battlements! Upon request tours can also be held in English.

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