Feminism in Germany



The fight against the abortion ban is the trigger of the women's movement throughout Europe. › mehr



From the fight against § 218 a networked German women's movement has developed. › mehr



The German women's movement creates publicity with imaginative and provocative campaigns. › mehr



The fight for the ‘Fristenlösung’ is won - and lost once again. The West German women's movement celebrates its first festivals. The benevolent tone of the media is exacerbated. › mehr

Abortion – a Legal Right? Feminists Vs. All

The struggle for abortion rights sparked the emergence of the Women's Liberation Movement in West… › mehr

Women Who Work: Housework and Claim for Equal Pay

When the women’s movement started, housework was still by law a woman’s job. Feminists fought… › mehr

Body Image: The Fight Against Dieting and Eating Disorders

From the mid-1970s, feminists began to problematise the tyranny of trying to become slender and… › mehr

Women’s Refuges – Protection from (Sexual) Violence

Beginning in the mid-70s, the women’s movement made the dramatic extent of violence by men… › mehr

Women’s Health and Patriarchal Medicine

Self-determination and knowledge of one’s own body – women’s health initiatives were directed against a… › mehr

Pornography – Sexual Desire Vs. Sexualised Misogyny

The feminist debate about pornography was divided: Some considered it unproblematic, but most opposed it… › mehr

Prostitution – A ‚Job Like Any Other‘?

For some, it is “the oldest trade in the world” – for others, a violation… › mehr

Lesbian and Feminist – Female and Homosexual: Becoming Visible

Female homosexuality was still a taboo at the beginning of the 1970s. The women’s movement… › mehr

Sexual Harassment – the Long Way to Sex Crime Legislation

Sexual harassment in the workplace became a public issue in Germany in the late 1970s,… › mehr

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